Storybook Farm Ponies Party Planner
8118 S. Ramona Rd, Spokane, WA 99224 (509)951-3900
The Farm is always open for parties and truly is your best bet for time, space & costs.
We offer many options to make your Child's Birthday a memorable occasion. We can bring the ponies to your location or you can experience the Whole Farm Party at our facility in the Qualchan Creek Area of Spokane, Washington just off HWY195. We have magical ponies for hand lead children rides, and offer the use of our beautiful Paint horse, Sunshine Superman for larger children and adults. We are flexible and if you have a special request, we'll do our best to make it happen.
(1) Traveling Pony Show: (note: no travel available November - February due to weather)
One pony for 1 hour is $175, add one or more ponies to that hour for an additional $100 per animal. Sunny, our full-sized saddle horse for kids or adults is $195 an hour. We bring them to your event site for $.95/mile one way from our Farm in the Qualchan Creek Area. We use color coordinated tack to your Party Theme.
(2) We also do an appearance special at your location for 1/2 hour of pony rides with 2 ponies. Cost is $185 plus mileage. This gives you a shorter visit but with two ponies, we ensure lots of rides in a short period of time. This option works well if you are trying to keep your party concise, and does not require a longer attention span. Very popular.
(3) Pony Visit: 1 hour $100, includes grooming, petting, saddling, hand lead rides for one or multiple kids at the Farm. 1/2 hour is $50. If you just want the ride and no additional features it's $25 for 1/2 Hour and $50 for 1 hour. Multiple children are accepted.
(4) Farm Experience:
1 pony for 1 hour at the Farm is $175 which includes an additional hour for your presents/cake/ice cream. ( two hours total) Additional ponies are $100 for that hour, additional hours for games and playtime added to your party are $50/hr. We provide a canopy tent, 3 tables and up to 25 chairs if outside, or we have a party area in the Indoor Arena. We include some Farm decor and twinkle lights in the Party Area. There are electrical outlets available for crockpots, coffee pots, etc. You must provide your own refreshments including but not limited to, cake, ice cream, cookies, snacks, beverages, hot dogs, s'mores, pizza, etc. You can also decorate to your hearts content, provide balloons, games and prizes. Children can view and pet the other ponies on the farm. We do not have a petting zoo. If you are interested in a zoo you can schedule one on your own or we can give you some names and numbers. Campfire/wood and seating/extra table can be provided for $35. We provide garbage cans, and we ask that you clean up your items, use the trash, and we will tear down the event and dispose of garbage at the end of party. "Paint the Pony" activity is $45, includes paint and live pony. This party is for up to 20 children and their parents. We can do larger parties; we just need to know so you may want to add more time or more ponies. Times available are: 11a - 1p or 3p - 5p, which allows for extra hours after your party if you want to add more time. We can do parties any day of the week.
(5) PonyPalooza Complete Pony Party at the Farm:
If you are interested in having us do the entire party for you this is your best choice. It includes:
2 ponies for hand lead rides for one hour.
2 extra hours of Party time (3 hours total) which will include:
Tent, tables, chairs, farm decor, with 25 balloons, generic birthday paper table cloths, plates/cups/napkins, campfire with s'mores provided, bottled water, assorted sodas (25 each), ice buckets, Costco cake, 2 gallons of ice cream your flavor, hot dogs and buns, condiments, two large bags of chips, campfire/wood/seating and a "Paint the Pony" (live pony) fun project for all the kids. This party is for up to 12 children and their parents. Additional children/parents can be added for the party at a cost of $5 per person. This Ponypalooza Pony Party is a 3 hour party for $650 and includes all of the above. You will be responsible for entertaining your guests and orchestrating the gift opening, as well as serving the food. If you have any special requests, let us know. We'll work with you as we can. You can add decor or games/prizes at your own costs and set up.
(6) LESSONS: Safe and professional instruction for beginner and intermediate riders. Learn the proper procedures for handling and riding horses and ponies from the ground up. These lessons are at our facility, using my equipment and animals. $25/half hour, $40/45 minute session, $50/full hour. Call or text or email for full details and questions.