Three Generations....Baby Blue, Sky Blue & Baby


I got my first horse when I was 12 years old. She was a beautiful bay King Bred Mare named Tommy. My Dad taught school with Mr. Joe Kent of the Flying JK Ranch in Mead, Washington, and he offered to lend us the mare for the Summer to see if this Horse-Crazy Kid was as serious about it as she said. That was over forty-five years ago, and the horse poop is still stuck to my boots. Currently, my husband Rick and I own four horses and 17 ponies ranging in age from 5 to 27. In May of 2003 "Fritz' MegaBucks" our gorgeous bay colt out of our AQHA Mare "Megan Mint" and by McBride Quarterhorse's stallion" Sunglow's King Fritz" was born and he is a beauty. Fritz was trained by Ann Kirk. In fact his first time to saddle was at the our Ride The West Expo with Ann in 2006.  I also have another beautiful mare out of Meg, "HoneyMoon Too" and she is one great horse!! I love to show off her "Join Up" tricks for people, we look quite impressive, but Ann taught her all of that!!! It's got to be the incredible "secret mix" my husband Rick has developed that keeps our oldies going!! Two weeks after the Fall 2004 Expo, we lost my incredible horse Midnight (38) the black bay mare...she died the same day Christopher Reeve died, and the only way I could deal with it was to say in my mind that Superman needed a SuperHorse in Heaven...that was a tough day....I've lost several more fabulous horses over the years but I've also added quite a few great ones two, especially a new palomino paint gelding 12 years ago from Ann Kirk. They named him "Hemi" after the Dodge trucks, but we changed his name to Sunshine Superman (My husband’s idea) and we call him Sonny….he is from Cooks Paints and Quarterhorses and is a gorgeous and personable guy…we love him too! We have 14 beautiful Story Book Farm Ponies that keep the kids entertained at Walter’s Fruit Ranch in Greenbluff in the Fall and we do many big events around the town every year.   It’s a good life up here on the Prairie, we are blessed everyday.

Losing our Mom on December 24, 2009 had a profound and devastating affect on my life and my family's lives. It left my Dad widowed after 69 years of a cherished marriage, and left our Family without our best supporter, leader, mentor, caregiver and friend. My Mom was one of those Mom's that could do it all....raising kids, working full time, baking, crafting, golfing, den mother, room mother, party gal, homemaker, canning, seamstress, and a fierce protector of her husband and children. To this day, I cannot believe that she is gone. We cared for Mom in her last couple of painful years, and then for my Dad in his. As we all stood around her bed and held her as she took her last breath, I felt the blood drain from me. She was gone. My Mother was gone. There isn't a day that goes by that I am not bathed in her light and love. She is with me in my heart and still guides my path. I miss her terribly, but I just keep thinking, that as we were standing on this side with tears and sadness saying there she goes....God was standing on the other side joyously she you Mom.  We lost my Dad in 2011 and again I found myself in devastation, missing the two most important people in my life.  Little did I know that only 4 years later, I would lose the love of my life, my childhood sweetheart to a fatal aneurysm at the very young age of 65.  I never thought I would be able to come out of that, it was the ultimate broken heart, but it's been 5 years and with the help of my Army of Angels here on Earth I am getting through it.  The ponies and my dogs were so important in helping me to keep going and healing.  I am blessed with family and friends. 

My other "career" was in Marketing and Promotions, Radio and TV, including 10 years at Citadel Broadcasting primarily with Cat Country 94. The combination of the two created my true passion "Ride The West". This Expo was the culmination of years of horse ownership combined with knowledge of producing spectacular events.  Add to that, many family and friends who  added their expertise and input and you end up with a quality event that taught and inspired all who had the same love of the horse that I do. 

Susan Rae, Event Manager
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